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Thermo Logistics Helping to Save Aquariums Exotic Fish!

Thermo Logistics Helping to Save Rare Fish!

A few years ago there was a problem at an aquarium with the water temperature which is very dangerous for the aquatic life that resides there. Most of the species require a very exact range of temperature that mimics their home in the wild. They really aren’t able to live outside of these regulated temperature ranges controlled by systems that include heat exchangers.

Thermo logistics was called by an onsite engineer who explained that the water temperatures were all rising because of a failing heat exchanger. Having not dealt with this aquarium before this, we asked all the questions needed to ascertain which heat exchangers they had onsite and what was more than likely required for a fast onsite service and repair of the faulty heat exchangers.

The situation was approaching dire, exotic fish could have started dying by the hour as water was rising above that of their natural habitat and into extremes that were just not able to live in. The normally highly regulated temperature was rising fast and all caused by a failing heat exchanger, so there was no time to waste!

We were able to get onsite and repair, restore and return to normal operating ranges the faulty heat exchanger within 24 hours of the initial call.

Our quick action helped save many of the fish at the aquarium and averted what could have been a disaster for the aquarium.

We were happy and proud to be able to restore functionality to the aquariums heat exchanger as fast as we did enabling a plethora of exotic fish that would have otherwise been lost to the faulty exchanger.

Saving Bristol Royal Infirmary (Hospital) Time and Unnecessary Expense
Bristol Royal Infirmary Heat Exchangers

Bristol Royal Infirmary Heat Exchanger Servicing

We were first contacted by Bristol Royal Infirmary when one of their heat exchangers was causing a drastic decrease in the supply of water for the hospital. They were struggling to maintain the levels of water needed to keep the hospital running smoothly.

To help correctly identify the problems before going to site, we asked them some initial quick questions, including information on general problems and the servicing history of the heat exchanger. They informed us they had the heat exchanger flushed every six months, but unfortunately without opening the heat exchanger. We informed them that this type of plate cleaning is not very effective and that the heat exchanger plates would more than likely be clogged with Limescale that the regular flushing would not remove.

As this is a hospital running on critical systems for the health and wellbeing of patients and staff, we booked a same day call out for the hospital and got onsite and hands-on within 4 hours. On arrival we opened the heat exchanger and, as we had suspected, it was completely blocked with limescale and not allowing any flow at all. We quickly pulled the plates from the system and took them back to our workshop for complete chemical cleaning in our custom plate dip-tanks. After which we performed crack testing and re-gasketed the heat exchanger before installing them back in the hospitals water plant. The plant was back up and running in no time and flowing like it did when it was first installed!

As we now perform the inspection and servicing on the hospitals heat exchangers, they now are only serviced once per year, instead of twice, and the systems are more easily maintained at optimal performance levels.

Our initial diagnosis of the problem, repair and continued service contract of the heat exchangers has saved the hospital both time and money amounting to thousands of pounds which is now able to be used elsewhere.

We are proud to work with such a great team performing an outstanding job at the Bristol Royal Infirmary for the benefit of patients, visitors and staff alike.

Bristol Royal Infirmary Heat Exchangers
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